Friday, March 12, 2010

PTO Reform Ideas (thoughts inspired by the 2010 STLR Symposium): Part 01 - Introduction

On Friday, February 26, 2010, the students of the Stanford Technology Law Review held a symposium on PTO reform. The organizers, Connor Williams and Tim Saulsbury, with help from Tim's co-Editor-in-Chief Vinita Kailasanath and SLATA President Laura Zapiain, did a stellar job. If I should mention anyone else, please tell me.

I was privileged to be a commentator for the presentation by Ron Katznelson, and I attended almost all the other sessions and talked with many attendees during the breaks. Everyone -- speakers, commentators, and audience -- gave me many things to think about.

The experience has motivated me to write a series of blog posts under the title "PTO Reform Ideas 2010."

The Opening Remarks for the Symposium were given by Arti K. Rai, Administrator for External Affairs at the USPTO, and the Elvin R. Latty Professor of Law at Duke University. I will therefore begin the series by commenting on some of the PTO's proposals for internal reform that Prof. Rai mentioned in her talk.

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