Friday, February 11, 2011

Microsoft v. i4i - Quick Guide to all the Briefs - Everyone's Table of Contents

If, like me, you would like a quick guide to the basic ideas of all the briefs in Microsoft v. i4i (Docket No. 10-290) filed since the petition for certiorari was granted, you may find helpful my composite pdf of each cover page and Table of Contents (TOCs).  The pdf is bookmarked for each filer.  The table of contents to that combined TOCs file is also listed below.

If anything intrigues you in the combined TOCs (for example, my Thought Experiment on the reversal rate for invalidity, see my brief, actual/pdf page 24/36), you can find the complete pdfs of all the briefs on i4i's court papers page.

If you only have time to read one brief in full, I certainly recommend mine (pdf).   That it has some different and refreshing ideas should be apparent from its Table of Contents (separately available at docx = brief pdf pages 2-3).

The combined TOC file will grow to include covers and TOCs from i4i's Opposition brief, the amicus briefs in support of i4i, and Microsoft's Reply, as they become available.

Happy reading.

PS Please let me know of any errors or omissions in the combined TOCs.

Cover Pages and Tables of Contents of
All Briefs Filed in Microsoft v. i4i
United States Supreme Court
Oral Argument Set for 4/18/2011

Note:  The individual brief cover/Tocs are bookmarked in the combined pdf file.
Within each amicus category, briefs are listed in order of docketing. 

      1     Merits Brief of Petitioner Microsoft
                  Amicus Briefs in Support of Petitioner
      4              Prof. Lee Hollaar
      7              Synerx
      9              EFF+2
    12              Pub.Pat.Fdn
    14              Internet Retailers
    17              SecInd&FinMkts+1
    21              EMC
    24              Apotex
    27              CTIA
    29              Bus.Software
    31              Hercules Open-Source
    33              Apple+Intel
    36              Google+19
    39              SAP+7
    42              Computer&CommIndAss’n
    45              Teva
    48              Cisco+5
    51              37 Profs
    54              Timex+4
                Amicus Briefs in Support of Neither Party
    58              AIPLA
    61              DC Bar
    63              IBM
    66              Fed.Internationale
    69              Roberta J Morris
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