Friday, April 15, 2011

Microsoft v i4i - Tables of Contents of ALL the Briefs

To get a quick handle on ALL the briefs in 10-290, Microsoft v. i4i, since the grant of certiorari, from Microsoft's Opening Merits Briefs to Microsoft's Reply Brief, and all the amicus briefs in between, please see my pdf compendium of all the coversheets and tables of contents of all the briefs. I put in bookmarks for each brief's coversheet, but if you don't want to open the whole pdf and just want to see a list of all the briefs, click here for a table of contents to the tables of contents.

For an alphabetical list of all the entities represented in briefs in support of Microsoft, see my 2/11/11 post.

The briefs in support of neither party came from
  1. AIPLA
  2. The DC Bar Association
  3. IBM
  4. Federation Internationale,  and
  5. the owner of this very blog, Roberta J. Morris, Esq., Ph.D. (pdf, or TOC only.)
For a list (by brief) of all the entities represented in briefs in support of i4i, see i4i's court papers site.

Note: This post is an update of my 2/10/11 post, which only included Microsoft's opening briefs and the briefs in support of 

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